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Travel Journal: Malaysia

Travel Journal: Malaysia

Malaysia 🇲🇾 a component of Southeast Asia about an hour by plane from its neighbouring country in southern Singapore, just over 8 hours from Melbourne, Australia.

This place has his interesting thing, although maybe we did not know much, believe it or not, if we were quite satisfied with the experience.

We flew in Air Asia, a low-cost line 👍🏼and bought the tickets two months in advance (November), which worked quite conveniently, considering that we would travel for several weeks and (most likely) numerous experiences of transportation for us in the southeast. The line is not bad, not at all. Honestly, I’ve travelled several times on it and I’ve never had any problems, and if they have, they have solved it quite quickly. Totally recommended ✔️

But, first of all, the tips of this trip, some recommendations that you should take into consideration before touching Malay land:


🚫 Being a predominantly Islamic nation, any practice that opposes religion as such is punishable by law, which includes preferably physical punishments ranging from lashes to execution (hanging).

🚫 This country has the most strict penalties for drug possession in the world. If some kind of drug is trafficked you can be sentenced to death.

🚫 Other types of serious crimes that could be punished with death are: robbery, armed robbery, illegal sexual relations (adultery and out of wedlock), false testimony in a trial, illegal possession of weapons, offending the figure of the king, crime of a terrorist type, sequestration of a person, escape from jail, rape with the death of the victim, assisted suicide to a child and resistance to an arrest.


The official religion of Malaysia is Islam, therefore it is of the conservative type. All Malays are Muslims by law.

There are train cars both mixed and exclusive for men and women (wanita), so be careful when uploading one and avoid making mistakes (you can have a very bad time because of an error).

You must have a decent behaviour in the street, temples and public spaces. Malaysians consider indecent behaviour to be signs of affection between couples on public roads, so it is better to avoid them to avoid having any problems.


✈️ The best months are considered to travel to Malaysia between December to the end of January, and from June to August.


💰 The currency type is Malaysian ringgit (MYR)


👅 Malay is the official. English is also spoken as a second language.


💵 ~ $ 120.45 MYR ($ 30 USD) for two (depends on activities, accommodation and food).

Most countries do not need a visa to enter Malaysia (Chileans either), but just check the information at the following link👉🏻

We arrived in Kuala Lumpur in mid-January, after a few days of visiting Singapore, on our first trip as a couple to Southeast Asia.

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Kuala Lumpur is a very modern city, full of lights and super dynamic. I recommend you bring Malay cash to be able to move during the first hours. When leaving the airport there are numerous options to get to the city. We mobilized by the express train “KLIA EKSPRES” (~ $ 55 MYR ~ $ 13 USD) which happens with a frequency of 15 minutes. The truth is that it may be the most expensive option, but it is the fastest considering that from the airport to the centre here is more than an hour of travel. Another option is the KLIA transit and buses (it is the most economical option of all) that also arrive at the same destination as the express or sometimes to the terminal Pudu Raya (Chinatown neighbourhood), but they take more time.

We start from KLIA2 (airport) to KL SENTRAL (in the centre of the city).

Transporting through Kuala Lumpur is quite economical and there are several alternatives such as Monorail, KTM (trains), LRT (Light Rail Transit ‘metro’) and buses. If you use taxis to move around the city, it requires the taximeter! There is also a free bus, ‘GO KL’ that goes through the main attractions of the city. It has a frequency of every 10 minutes.

LRT in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

👉🏻TIP: The purchase of the tickets for the transport is done on the machines outside the station and the station (name) is selected from where you go to where you are going (name of the station).

The booking of the room was made by and we stayed in a hotel very close to the Petronas towers (OYO 161 Lodge Paradize Hotel) quite decent and with very good service (and a normal toilet). Per night it costs $ 51.19 MYR ~ $ 13 USD for two people.

👉🏻TIP: The bathrooms in Malaysia are no longer what we are accustomed to occupying, it is not always the case, tolerance with that  😉

Batu Caves toilets

We visited the Petronas Towers, one of the most majestic and tall skyscrapers in the world. A must if you travel to Malaysia undoubtedly 👌🏻 Patience, when you go is full of people and street vendors trying to offer you any product. They may be a bit insistent, but they are quite nice.

After the inflatable selfie before this giant structure, we dined inside it. Inside the towers, you can find food courts, restaurants of all prices as well as multiple stores and even a supermarket.

At the back of the towers, there is a water fountain that has a constant light and music show. It’s pretty nice and a lot of people congregate to see it.

Another of the must-see in Kuala Lumpur is to visit the Batu Caves. This is a limestone hill (a cave) considered one of the most popular Hindu temples outside of India discovered in 1860. Around the cave, there are small Hindu mausoleums and a large golden statue 10 stories high. In order to have access to it, it is necessary to climb the 272 steps it has, surrounded by monkeys in the wild that live inside and outside of it.

To get to this place we went to KL Sentral and took a direct train to the temple. Outside of this, you can find all kinds of souvenirs quite cheap.

Access to Batu Caves is completely free and the dress code is no shorts or skirts over the knee. In any case, if you forgot it at the entrance you can rent giant bandanas (pareo type) to cover your legs for a very cheap price.

This attraction operates from 7 in the morning until 8 in the evening every day of the year.

👉🏻TIP: It is recommended not to come up with food and avoid looking at the eyes of the monkeys, it can be dangerous🐒

Next, to Batu Caves, there is another attraction that is highly recommended. It is called “Ramayana Cave”. This elaborately embellished cave features psychedelic dioramas from the Indian epic Ramayana (the story of Rama) in real size. It is quite fabulous and totally recommendable.

The value of the ticket is $ 5 MYR ~ $ 1,2 USD and free for children.

Another must try the best cuisine of Malaysia (which is quite influenced from different origins) is in the market Kasturi Walk, located next to the central market, is open every day of the year from 10 in the morning until 21: 30 at night.

Malaysian food

The best 5 markets that stand out are:

1.- Petaling Street
2.- Kasturi Walk
3.- Chow Kit Market
4.- Kampung Baru Market
5.- Taman Connaught Night Market

Malaysia is a destination absolutely unmissable although it does not seem it is quite safe, at times it gives the impression that it exploded from so many people that there are everywhere. It can be crazy sometimes … but you will undoubtedly love it.

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