Hi there! My name is Adriana and I’m a Chilean girl based in Melbourne, Australia since 2014.  I started to plan this trip in 2011, but I assume that I really planned in my head since I was born. Marine Biologist by profession and now Biotechnology Master student at the University of Melbourne.

I love to travel, photography landscapes and tell histories about my trips experiences.

I always wanted to live in another country for a long time and despite to started to travel with my dad and my brother since I was a teenager I never really like it be a tourist … I think that is more excited live in the culture in which you are dwelling. So, when I was ready I picked my bag, I crossed the Pacific and here I am, living the “Australian Dream!” 

This is the start of my real adventure when the dreams come true … ✨

I hope to inspire you to live a life exploring outside of your comfort zone.

Live happily! Live extraordinarily!