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“Adaptation is the quality of accommodate to a determinate situation. Man is an eminently adaptative be”


Adapt to something new can take some time, everything depends on the circumstances. I think that my process passed for whole conditions: euphoria, joy, ecstasy, sadness, extremely sadness, crying exorbitantly and I can continue … seriously. Was a whole process 👀

I would have liked to read to a manual like “things that should do before to change of country” or “start in a new country for dummies” or something like that … At least, I would have to know in the situation I was getting into. Despite was a little complicated, it wasn’t a big problem. I was in process of adapting to my dream.  Adapt to what I wanted.



I recommend if you are a person that it’s not easy for you to adapt, better do not, the shock can’t be good and become a nightmare. A good idea can be to inform about that. Inform very well to do. For me, cross the ocean is a thing that I’m still working.

The first step is necessary to start to be part of this thing (obviously), find a place to sleep, open a account in the bank, start with the necessary paperwork (tax, superannuation, insurance) looking with who start to related, start to meeting new people, the environment, go to the supermarket, to the pharmacy … Omg! I hope not being removed the desire to change his country!

But well, we calmly. One time in kangaroo-land, I remembered to get down of the plane, walked by duty-free and not having any idea what is the correct line to enrol. I was so confused, tired, smelly (you know it was an almost one day by aeroplane) and with thirsty … What is the big deal?! (Gosh … ). Anyways, according to me, the only two lines belong to Australians (New Zealand’s and Chinese people). Oh my gosh, too many Chinese here! When you arrive immediately see that. In addition, in the airport, the announces are in English and Chinese 🏮

Alright, there I was, with a baby face until a guard started to look at me and I with a don’t look at me my friend I don’t think that I don´t understand any face  .. I started to look in other direction, refusing to get help because I had been so insecure about my English you know …  I confess, I pretend to be strong but I’m a rat. I live with a scare. Sorry! The guard in a polite a nice tone he approached me and ask me if I’m from New Zealand (oh my god, I’m too much white?!)  No! – I’m said (showing him my passport at the same time). At that moment he enrolled to me at the Chinese line, that realizes was the “international line” jeez …

TIP: In the airport is possible to have 30 minutes of free internet. Use the benefit well?

When you guys declared the language I recommend declares everything for you good. I’ve not declared anything, I’m just with lucky I bought a couple of delicious Pisco bottles and some boxes of cigarettes. Oh! And I manjar*. In the same way, if your plane it has a scale in New Zealand please, don’t buy stuff on duty-free. I remembered that all people that bought in the duty-free the police removed them stuff, I’m not sure if they were also fined. Anyways, don’t buy! And please, don’t bring your suitcase heavy, it’s not necessary. Trust me. Here in Australia are clothes too, cheap and expensive. There are a lot of outlets and different shops as well. Here are not the prehistoric times. We are in the 21 century too 🙂

When I went to remove my suitcases off the carousel something really stupid passed to me (like always!) … I can’t be removed that big suitcase and ignoring the “do not stand to take the suitcases” I’m to stand on the carousel. The people it’s so not considered in the airports you know … (Ironic). There I am, fighting with my arms with my legs open on top. Jezz … I looked pretty ridiculous … and fugly too?

Ok, when you came out of the airport, Australia strikes your pocket by first time: $19 AUD it’s the price of the transport towards to city, “SkyBus”. This transport ’s in the same airport (outside of curse) there are red buses with the logo of the same name. The tickets are possible to find in the kiosks close to the buss. The good thing is the buss is very fast and it comes out every 20 minutes and has wifi! Yeah, baby! The bus arrives at Southern Cross Station (Melbourne CBD= city) as final destiny, don’t stop in other places. The time that took t is no more than 20 – 25 minutes. The service works 24/7 the 365 days of the year. Also, exist other types of transportation that they leave at your door house. For my experience, I recommend StarBus” and  From $16, 80 AUD, it’s really a good service. Moreover when you need to arrive outside of the city.

One time at the city, for the transport you will need a prepaid card, let me introduce yourself the “Myki”. I don’t have any idea by the name of this and honestly it’s doesn’t matter. This card is possible to find in any 7 eleven around the city (there are a lot around Melbourne). The price of the card is $6 AUD without charge so, you will need to charge after you bought it. I recommend moderate $10 bucks for start it? (go and come back). The price of the ticket is around 4 dollar! Yes, you read well … Almost $4 Australian dollars .. I know, quite expensive, but honestly the service is pretty good. This card is valid for trams, buses and trains.



                                         Myki is possible to find in two colours. Both work perfectly. 


GOLD TIP: It ’s very common see inspectors go up to the trams, trains and busses checking if people paid or not the ticket transport.  These guys looking like a normal person but suddenly they came out a budget like a police budget and control the touch on of the myki. If you aren’t paid you will be fined and isn’t funny. The original pay around $250 AUD (an atrocity) but if you pay at the moment just be $75 AUD (cheaper) but not less sad. Once I didn’t pay the trams and the inspector caught me! The funniest thing was I least saw the inspector I tell myself “he looks like a tram inspector” and poof! The guy asked for my Myki card. Fuck! Nothing to do. I paid the $75 AUD believed or not, the guys bring the debit machine with them. In my imagination I never paid. I dreamed that I  flew through the window o by the door, or I knocked the inspector leaving unconscious and get off very happy. Please, don’t do that, for you good. The better idea could buy a bike and that it. The city is full of bikeways And works were well. 

Besides, it’s really important to tell you that inside of the city (CBD) trams are free. No cost took effect as from 1 January 2015. Basically, they should not do “touch on” with your myki?


Free Tram Zone Map


To communicate obviously you need a cellphone. I recommend that you bring unlocked here. I unlocked in my country and thanks god that shit work it. I said thank god because is so many people unlocked their cellphones and still does n’t work here. Shame ?.  I don’t have any idea how is the unlocked here in Australia (sorry guys!). Anyways, once unlocked and work it I recommend the Amaysim company The cost of the SIM card is $2 AUD and is possible to find this in any 7 eleven in the city. Also, if you subscribe to the Amaysim page, you guys can recite the SIM card by free and at your home (2 o 5 business days). The mobile plans are very convenient (prepaid plans) and are possible to combine them.

During the first week, I recommend opening your bank account. Commonwealth is a good bank. Do the paperwork is no complicated, only need your passport and that’s it.

GOLD TIP: For Spanish speakers who don’t feel confident with their English I recommend go to the commonwealth located in Elizabeth St and Burke St. In that bank there are a Spanish man and a Colombian lady in the staff. Within about a week, have a debit card in your hands, so do not despair. It is noteworthy that must itself or download the app from the bank. It is extremely useful. It is also important to mention that, once they have your app on the phone, the account is divided into:

*“Smart Access”: Here is the easy money access. The money came out of this account when you use the debit card.

*“NetBank Saver”: Here is possible to save the money. Like a savings account. From this account, you must spend money to ” smart access” to pay by card or withdraw money from the cashier.

*“Essential Super”: Here is possible to save the superannuation money.

Be cautious, well learn to use your account and your bank app.

Now, if you lose the debit card, call to the bank immediately, however, you can use your app in your cell phone and do everything from there such as transaction and take some money of the ATM #WIN

… Said everything, you guys are absolutely ready to live the first changes in you are new kangaroo-land life! Remember: breathe, chill out and live the life. A  lot lived this and we didn’t die in the attempt. Good luck! ✌

Brighton Bathing Boxes, Brighton Beach, Melbourne. 


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