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Mt Buller in one day ☃

Mt Buller in one day ☃

Mt Buller, let’s be honest: this place never attracts my attention. Hundreds of people each winter visit this white mountain inland Victoria, about three hours from Melbourne City. For me personally, this was just a ‘shot of opportunity’ … it came out and I took it, nothing more. But hey, that does not stop it from being less good 🙃

The main idea was to go with a group of friends for at least one or two nights but planning this trip only weeks before wanting to do it was a terrible idea. The prices are super high, the availability of accommodation almost minimal and almost everything is subject to a thousand conditions, which ultimately ends up transforming into a ‘walk – nightmare’🤦🏼‍♀️

Recommendation #1: If you want to spend more than one night in the mountains, I recommend making the reservation of minimum accommodation one and a half months in advance. The season is short and quite intense. Go and check 👉🏻 * * * 

Finally, we ended up going on a one-day tour with a local company in the city. We got up at 4 am because the tour left from the city at 5:30 in the morning. We do not live near the city, but not far from it, we should only be punctual to avoid being under the bus 🙃

The bus left exactly at the agreed time. We were quite warm what makes me create this list of indispensable tips if they go to this place:

Indispensable list for Mt Buller:

❄ Wool socks 🧦

❄ Comfortable, waterproof and non-slip shoes or boots with the same characteristics (not ugg except for water, not canvas sneakers or sneakers) 👣

❄ First layers / thermal clothing (leg and body) 🧣

❄ Pants for snow (totally indispensable) 💦

❄ Jacket for snow (waterproof) 💦

❄ Wool or thermal hat ❄

❄ Gloves for snow (totally indispensable) 🧤

❄ A blanket (to wrap yourself inside the transport) ☃

❄ Ski or Snowboard implements ⛷🏂

❄ Ski goggles 🕶

❄ Thermo for hot chocolate or coffee ☕

… With this, you can perfectly worsen extreme weather! 👍🏼😊



Now, if you are not very fond of snow and do not have this survival kit, I would like to mention that in the town of Mt Buller it is full of shops where you can lease each of these essentials to survive the day.

Personally, I could not get the snow pants but get there the rent for a very reasonable price (about $ 20 Australian dollars) in this store that also has a 10% discount if you go with the agency that mentions above. In addition, it has all the necessary equipment to do snow sports (you can buy them or also rent).

Since I was there, I dared to rent a snowboard team. While my mind said do not do it my heart sang ‘you only live once’ so what the hell! I rode on the board … 🙃


After several attempts, numerous falls and finish with my body shattered … I think it was worth it. Knowing me, if I had not tried, I would have felt a deep regret it. That is if they are afraid of constant falls and the possibility of breaking a leg better not even try!

There are two ways to climb the mountain:

  1. Lift Pass (from $64 to $149, depending on the date)
  2. Take a free bus, but it does not reach the maximum height (like the lift pass) – Ideal for beginners.

At lunch, we go down to the village to have lunch. There are multiple options and if it can be a little expensive, very expensive or extremely expensive.

Now, if you want to bring food you can also do it because in this same place there is a free food court for use by all public roofing and especially heated.

I recommend getting there early to Mt Buller, it’s winter and it gets dark early. The hours of enjoyment are not many and even less if it is snowing. At about 3 o’clock in the afternoon, you begin to see fewer people in the area.

Recommendation #2: There are lockers to store things if you want to be more free and comfortable. Prices are for the entire day and depend on the size you want to rent ($ 10 small – $ 37 big one).

Recommendation #3: I invite you to enjoy a hot chocolate or a coffee watching the snow fall next to a fireplace. There are several cafes – restaurants with that environment in a very like atmosphere. Let yourself be delighted by that almost magical experience ❄❄

For some days or just one, as a couple or with a group of friends, it is highly recommended as a winter panorama. Also, if you travel through Australia at this time, how can you not visit the mountain?⛷


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