In My Life in Australia

My arrival to kangarooland!

My arrival to kangarooland!

I came here in August 2014.  Honestly, I don’t know why I chose Australia, but why not⁉

I arrived here at the ends of winter. I remember it was so cold and overcrowded … So many different people from everywhere were here. Living here I realised that. Australia is a really a cosmopolitan destination. That is not bad, just different from what I had used to. The language, the customs, the food, the people, the transport, the time … Everything!  My hometown is quieter in spite of The fact that it is the second most important city in my country. However, it is light years ahead of what Melbourne is.

So! That which I had dreamed about for years was now a reality! ??


                                                                         My first day in Melbourne!


One of my friends,  “Mafe” (a Chilean – Colombian girl) received me in her home for a few days meanwhile I was searching for something for me. I remembered that I felt so nervous, insecure about my English (mostly) … Missing my family, my boyfriend and my friends in Chile.

I found a place two or three days after that I came … It wasn’t an easy task. It is true that offers are very high with the demand, however, several times the website no offers “the reality” … you know what I mean? Honestly, I didn’t see so many places. I didn’t have so many time so, I need it to be fast and efficient in my research.

For the newcomers or for those who want to dare, I recommend two accommodation websites very useful and also, several groups on Facebook (Fairy Floss Real Estate, Housemate Search!, The Rent Network (Melbourne) to name the most popular). For the record, is very normal in an accommodation inspection – that many times it was programmed by SMS – (very common situation here, the SMS in Australia are a very useful type of communication and valuable, even for serious situations) see too much people living in the in accommodations. A lot of people share their rooms, a lot sleep in the living rooms even in the halls of their apartments. For that reason, I recommended to you do all your question before to do the inspection and for that way avoid a bad situation. Now, if you agree with share something like that, just go ahead!

My new home was in the heart of the city. It was a shared apartment and my room was shared too. I lived with 7 more people! Yes, you read well … 7 mores foragers … 4 girls and 4 boys per room. All of them from different countries. Korea, Japan, Brazil, Germany, France, Italy, Arabia and me, Chile.  Honestly, one of awesome and freaky experience of my life. Share with other cultures absolutely open my mind to other sensations, opinions, languages and absolutely tolerance. I lived there for about 6 months. Frankly, I don’t have a thought shit that I was capable to live with my new family … You know, is easy to lose the intimacy… With 7 more people in da house! Not kidding right?! In that time my flatmates they were changing the passing months … Was a cute season, I always remembered with love✨


Some of my flatmates 🙂


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