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The best Risotto in Brunswick

The best Risotto in Brunswick

Sydney Road in a long street located in the heart of Brunswick where there are many restaurants, markets and vintage shops of all kinds. A block from this long street I’ve been living for a couple of months, and although I still have not overcome the radical change of house (I lived in the city for just over two years which I love with my soul😢) I still try to feel totally comfortable in my new – old suburb 🧐

I must emphasize that I like the environment, how’re the people feel good not following rules and what is super evident in his way of dressing. Basically, it’s a strong personality trait, because that’s the way it is, Brunswick is a suburb with a strong personality.

Living here, at the same time, I have tasted quite its gastronomy, and although it is not as diverse as Lygon St or the City, however, I have found culinary treasures of those who without hesitation make me return again and again.

That’s how I got to know the best Risotto in Brunswick at the “Marcella Cafe Bistro”.

In a corner of Sydney Rd, a Sunday afternoon, while we were looking for something delicious, we came across this place that, as they call it, it has an “Italian influences with a modern twist”.

The attention was very good and very cordial. At the time of ordering our dinner, it didn’t take long to arrive and even though the coffee itself was not full (it was a little late really) I could see that Uber’s orders kept coming out. One after another, without stopping.

My food arrived splendidly presented, at a fair temperature and in an adequate size, so much so that I was forced to share it with David because he couldn’t resist that soft flavour that makes you smile while you delight it 😍

The dish was accompanied perfectly with a glass of red wine 🍷, coming from the region’s vineyards here in Victoria (Yarra Ville), and despite the fact that over time I have been “letting go” my palate and setting my preference towards the Italian wines of Tuscany (which are my favourites together with the Chileans, of course) this election was not bad at all, I’ll tell you guys👌🏻

Marcella Cafe Bistro has a fairly serene. Personally, I liked it for the moment, since it was what I was looking for, so it turned out to be perfect. In addition to the decoration that is quite simple, clean and of adequate colours that almost make you feel at home. Of those that give you comfort, I do not know if I can explain … (¿)

It was definitely a very good experience and I will return for that risotto of my loves or for what the letter is able to offer to please my stomach 🙃

Marcella Cafe Bistro”  can be found at Sydney Road at 264 Brunswick. I enjoyed my risotto at dinner time on a Sunday night.

Their hours of operation are Monday through Sunday from 11 in the morning until 10 at night.

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