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Travel Journal: Our travel to Sydney (Part I)

Travel Journal: Our travel to Sydney (Part I)

Sydney is one of the most famous and largest cities in Australia 🇦🇺 Whether for its beaches, landscapes or its architecture, it is without a doubt one of the most striking and impressive places in the whole country 👌🏻

For those who are still confused, Sydney isn’t the capital of Australia (it’s Canberra), but it’s the capital of New South Wales (NSW) and here there are great structures recognized worldwide; such as the Sydney Opera House, which began construction on March 2, 1959, under the supervision of Danish architect Jørn Utzon, and the Sydney Harbour Bridge, which was opened to the public in March 1932 after an 8-year construction! 😵

Sydney Harbour Bridge

Sydney, at the same time, is the most populous city in Australia, with an estimated number of more than 5 million people (impressive, isn’t!?) and according to statistics, this will increase over the years (#OMG).

We made our trip to Sydney for almost a week in mid-February of 2019.

It was my third consecutive year visiting this wonderful city! I love Sydney! I don’t hesitate to recognize it. I flirt with this place on earth (and at times I feel cheating the Melbourne of my heart that has given me the best years of my life). However, I also recognize that if I had to move to another place in Australia, this would undoubtedly be one of the possibilities to be taken into account 😋

George St, Sydney

George St, Sydney

This, unlike the other two times I went, wasn’t a trip planned months in advance if not quite the opposite. At most, we decided it two weeks in advance and we were able to find very good deals to solve our trip without going home in the broken bank.

[In case you don’t know, Sydney besides being a wonderful city, it is also one of the more expensive to meet in all of Australia. At least one day can go between $ 50 – $ 70 AUD ($ 35 – $ 50 USD)]

We depart during the early hours of February 14 ❤️from Tullamarine airport. After just over an hour of travel, we were already in Sydney at about 8:30 in the morning. It was a flight, comfortable, fast and without any mishap.

As we weren’t in a hurry and with the purpose of minimizing our trip in money, we decided not to take the train that goes from the airport to Central Station (CBD that was where our accommodation was). For that reason, we went out to the street to wait for the “public bus” that took us away from that place and thus be able to take a second bus to the centre of the city.

Public Bus stop from Sydney airport

The frequency of the bus is quite high. His number is 400. His cost was not more than $ 3 Australian dollars ($ 2 USD). We got off at Robey Street (Mascot), crossed the street to Botany Rd to wait for a second bus (number 309) (another alternative is the M20 bus) to the centre (Central Station) that cost no more than $ 1.50 ($ 1 USD).

Stop of the first bus in Robey Street (bus number 400) (Mascot), Sydney

Stop of the second bus on Botany Rd (number 309) (alternative bus M20), Mascot, Sydney

In conclusion: two buses that take 40 – 45 minutes from the airport to the centre with a cost of no more than $ 6 AUD ($ 4 USD) v / s the train that takes half the time at a cost of $ 16 AUD ($ 11 USD).

Note: To get around by public transport, it is necessary to buy a travel card called “Opal”. This has no cost, however, I was very surprised to learn that now the minimum charge once a new card has been acquired at the box office must be at least $ 35 dollars ($ 25 USD).

Tip: We made the booking through the page and for my surprise they gave me a discount code (of $ 30 aud for me and for the person who uses it making a booking on the page). So far I have already received $ 120 aud in my account (from a $ 300 aud cap) Fantastic, right ?! I recommend you sign up and you can save even more!

Here my booking code 👉🏻

During our first day we visited the centre of the city and its main streets such as George St, Chinatown and finally, we got to know inside the Queen Victoria Building, which is a building that belongs to the 20th century and represents the era of the romantic renaissance of the 1890s. It is really beautiful and quite photogenic!

Around Chinatown

Queen Victoria Building 

Inside of the Queen Victoria Building 

Queen Victoria Building 

We had lunch dumplings in one of the best places recommended by trip advisor. The portions are quite generous and at a very good price. We were lucky to find a quick table, but it gets pretty crowded and people end up in line to eat.

Before sunset, we arrived at the Sydney Tower Eye. This is the tallest tower in all of Sydney and provides a 360-degree view of the entire city. It’s beautiful. Honestly, I don’t know which will be the best hours to see Sydney from the heights, but I imagine that the sunset must be beautiful 🌇❤️

Sydney Tower Eye

From the Sydney Tower Eye

From the Sydney Tower Eye

Tickets to visit the Sydney Tower Eye can be found on this link and it is better to buy them online than in the same tower since you will find better deals and promotions in more than one attraction around the city and you will also avoid the unwanted ones wait for the purchase of this one.

Sydney Tower Eye

To complete a perfect day, we went to enjoy some cocktails at the Sydney Opera Bar (in Circular Quay) located next to the Opera House itself. The prices of this bar may be a bit higher than normal, but I promise it’s absolutely worth it. Having the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge in the background, two of the most spectacular structures in Australia and the world, at the same time set with perfect music and weather, will be a forever memory in your mind, in your heart and in your bucket list ✔️

Sydney Opera Bar, Circular Quay

Sydney Opera Bar, Circular Quay

Sydney Harbor Bridge from Circular Quay

Finally, fireworks were thrown at night, under a completely starry sky to celebrate Valentine’s Day. That’s when we understood how fortunate we are to be in that place and how happy we are to live in this country still so far from our family and our lifelong friends.

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