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Travel Journal: Thailand – Second Stop: Phi Phi Island

Travel Journal: Thailand – Second Stop: Phi Phi Island

A dream come true. The most awaited place of all. It was, in short, the place we longed to go together as a couple for the first time (David had visited it a few months ago) … It was the place I most wanted to feel, smell, taste and live … but it does not always come out as one proposes it …  🙄

Phi Phi Island was our fourth stop after having toured Singapore, Malaysia and Phuket during the months of January and February of 2018.

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Personally, my great obsession was in Maya Bay. ‘The beach’ of the film that Caprio premiered in the year 2000, and that from there I have not stopped seeing each year, feeling with it my deepest fantasies of maximum freedom travelling the world.

I still remember when I went to see that movie with a friend from school at a cinema that does not even exist in Concepción, Chile … I remember what that place was called … I think it was there when I figure out everything. I think it was at that precise moment that I decided that I could not stay in that boring city all my life and settle for holidays of 15 days a year. It was there when I realized that I had to get out of there sooner or later if I wanted to fulfil my dreams.

It took me many years to take that step … enough time for the dreams to die and the wind blows, but finally, I could do it 💪🏻

Bamboo Island, Thailand

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While in Phuket we bought a ticket that cost no more than ฿ 400 baht (~ $ 13 USD) to the island of Koh Phi Phi Leh (which also included the departure from the island towards Krabi). We left very early in the morning the next day, around 7 a.m. A small van picked us up at our hostel and what, according to me, was meant to be a short trip became a trip of just over an hour and a half thanks to the bad traffic present that morning. Also, it was hot for those and “many” of the other passengers forgot the deodorant that day in January 🙄

Finally, we arrived at a port, which I honestly can not remember what it was called, but it faces the Phi Phi Islands. We got on a ferry that moved between the two earth pieces, we left the backpacks in a safe place and we looked for a location at our whim (near a window) ⛴

On the ferry sailing to Phi Phi Island, Thailand

That trip was one of the most beautiful that I have collected in the back of my memory, and I have made several. One time with my dad and my brother over there in 2000 and something, we crossed from Buenos Aires to Uruguay through the Rio de La Plata … I have many vivid memories of that summer visiting part of Latin America. Nice trip. We arrived with an overweight body of 3 kilos each … Well, that happens when dad pays for the holidays and chooses hotels with buffet breakfast included 🐽

Anyways …

The journey from the Phuket coast to the Phi Phi must have been a couple of hours. By 2:00 pm we were already on the island. Going down from that ship, everything was crazy. Extreme hot 🔥, a thousand people trying to enter and leave the island desperately, plus the backpacks lying down and only a light breakfast in the stomach. We were already starving. I mean, extremely starving.

To have access to this island it is necessary to pay a fee 💸. Do not worry, it’s extremely cheap and I recommend that you carry cash in your hand and in local currency to cancel it. Many people have problems paying for it, saying that when they bought the transfer there, it also included the entrance ticket. False. There is no company that does that. Don’t be stingy, it will not be more than US$ 1  dollar entry.

Our Guest House had booked by a few days ago and it was a bit away from the coast, so we had to walk for a time. I remember that the heat had me wrong, love and hate came out through my body at that moment, I just wanted to get there and eat something soon. We arrived at the accommodation. It was like after a curve, to the right, going through a long narrow alley where there were many laundries, so the smell of fabric softener and detergent was very strong. The receptionist was quite friendly, she handed us the key, we went up, threw the backpacks practically and went out to look for where to eat.

Phi Phi Island, Thailand

Phi Phi Island, Thailand

I was literally eating and sweating, sweating and eating. Maybe being in Melbourne would have seemed disgusting, but hey, it was Asia … ‘sweat zone 24/7’ 😥🔥

After lunch, we went for a walk and sought our precious tour to Maya Bay for the next day.

👉🏻TIP: I recommend consulting several tour agencies, the prices are almost the same at first, but you can be lucky and reach a good agreement, especially if you want the boat just for you (and someone else) (remember that, for fewer people in the boat, the more expensive the trip will be).

We consulted for several, until we managed to make a relatively good price (compared to the rest ฿ 2300 ~ $ 70 USD) for several hours in an exclusive boat just for ourselves doing tour of several islands besides Maya, however, for my taste it was still something expensive, so to which I dared to ask for some other type of benefit. With my sympathy, 💁🏼‍♀️ I managed to include lunch and fruits. I felt the most persuasive woman of Asia making deals … without knowing that thanks to that ‘deal’ we were led to absolute disgrace without even suspecting it … 🙄

👉🏻To Consider: The value of this tour included the entrance to the beach (Maya Bay). Beware of that, many times the entrance can be included in the tour. If not, you will have to pay for it when you get off the boat (฿ 400 Bahts ~ $ 13 USD)

The next day our ‘Long Tail’, as these peculiar boats are called in Thailand, waited for us at around 6 am, so we had to go down to the coast very early while there were still many travellers going around in different parties of the streets of the island.

Our boatman arrived who barely spoke English. We had to communicate with hands movements. We reached the coast and the tide did not rise. We had to wait. The boatman disappeared. He returned. He said you couldn’t set sail. He disappeared again. It was almost 7:30 am. We were already getting angry, especially when there were boats that sailed. We wanted to see the sunrise on the way to the island, it wasn’t possible. After a while another boatman returned, Alex, he did speak English … and quite well 👍🏻

Alex, our sailing man 

He doesn’t doubt it and we set sail immediately.

I felt butterflies in my stomach. I was very excited. After many years I was finally fulfilling one of my most desired dreams, I wanted to cry, but I can stand and cry inside like the champions (hahaha!) 🤩

We arrived on the island before 9 in the morning. Believe it or not, there were already people, not much, but not only a few … we got off the boat and the water was warm. Well, in Asia, water never falls below 20 or 18 degrees, I think … exquisite.

Maya Bay, Thailand

Maya Bay, Thailand

We spent several hours in Maya Bay. We walked among the palm trees that Leo walk too🌴, we turned around and saw it from another perspective, we enjoyed the water, we snorkelled among coloured fishes🐠, we rested in the sand and we appreciated it everything that we could. I recorded it every minute in my mind. That main photo was saved in my mental USB. It was perfect👌🏻

Maya Bay, Thailand

Maya Bay, Thailand

Maya Bay, Thailand

On the way to another island, our boatman Alex offered us lunch, which consisted of rice with salads and lots of pineapples🍍🍍🍍. By the time we had lunch on the boat, we had been so many hours in the water that the hunger was really huge, so we ate almost without regrets.

We visit other beaches. We swam a while, we took pictures and made a couple of videos. On the way back, around 3 pm, we enjoyed some pieces of pineapple 🍍(yes, again) looking at the landscape 🤩🌴

We got off the boat arriving at the coast, we said goodbye to our boatman giving us the hand and we wish good luck among us. On the way to the hostel, we realized that we were tired. So, we went to eat and drink something fast. The idea was to visit the viewpoint of the island (the highest viewpoint, to be able to see the separation of beaches that Phi Phi island has) and to be able to record a video of the sunset, but we decided first to go to the hostel to sleep a little nap … it was early anyways 😴

After an hour later I woke up jumping and sweating like an ocean in my bed 😰. It was as if I had not noticed and a rain shower had fallen into the room without even noticing. I sat on the bed, everything started spinning and I ran to the bathroom to throw up. Two minutes later, David arrived in the same situation and there … us throw up as terminally ill people. Trust me, it was that kind of scene. We were like this for about 2 hours. We drinking a lot of bottled water and throw up it in minutes. Adding the heat of the place … it was a pretty horrible and almost desperate feeling 🤮

With much pain (now it gives me a bit of laughter, but seriously it was with much pain) we walked to a medical centre that was on the island. While we were walking I was looking for where I could throw up, I felt terrible as if my internal organs wanted to leave my body during the next evacuation 🤢(eww!)

We arrived at the medical centre, we were received by a nurse. I remember that I sat down. I was filling a virtual file on a desktop computer and I started to throw up as if there were no tomorrow. At the minute David was in the same situation (GOSH!), and there … both of them vomiting one more time, but now in the lobby of the care centre. It was absolutely disgusting 🤮🤮

Medical centre of Phi Phi Island, Thailand


The doctor on duty immediately took care of me (while I think I was in my puke # 20 at least) feeling very weak and extremely dizzy.

Diagnosis: Food poisoning The lunch salad that the boatman gave us must have been contaminated! 😧 OMG!

Medical Recommendation: spend at least one night in the hospital to recover the body (which I honestly believe, they had left us a long time ago🤦🏼‍♀️)

I told him I couldn’t (I didn’t want to😢). Just to think that the island doesn’t have drinking water and is quite rustic (cars do not circulate in it) one doesn’t expect a real hospital. The doctor insisted. I suggested that if I puke again I would stay and he said “ok, I’ll call the nurse to make the admission” and I eat “wtf ?! Sure, he knew he was going to keep throwing up more 🤦🏼♀️

So, we were in the clinic. We had to call our travel insurance. Fear, a lot of fear that it wouldn’t work, but it worked (yass!). Thanks to life, because if they had left came out of our savings those $ 3000 Australian dollars, hadn’t been anything funny and the holidays would have to stop right there and come back home right away 🙅🏼♀️

👉🏻TIP: Never, ever, never travel without travel insurance.

They looked after us very well. They checked us every 4 hours and were extremely friendly with us. The clinic was spectacular, the best hotel in which we stayed so far 😝.

It was a long, long night … 🌙

Now remembering the situation, I get a lot of laughs and a little bit of grief. I feel that we had to travel and do more things on the island, however, I realized that we coexisted with the most human side of Thailand, that one often doesn’t know as a traveller and less as a tourist. I liked it and I could see that although it is not a first world country, it is a country of the first heart and with nothing to envy in hospital care to more modern and rich countries. Nothing. I felt safe that night … with a stomachache, but sure, after all.

The next day, we were out of the clinic after 2 pm. We said farewell to all the nurses who took care of us and also from the doctor. They wished us good luck with what was left of the trip. We wish you many patients 🙃

… And that’s how the most important part of the trip was almost transformed into a nightmare. I feel that in the end, it was not much, but if you can avoid this kind of disaster, avoid it, I imagine that no one craves hospitalization in one of the most paradisiacal islands in the world 🤷🏼♀️

Maya Bay, Thailand

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