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Travel Journal: Singapore

Travel Journal: Singapore

Travelling to Singapore 🇸🇬 is 👉🏻”an entire experience” 👈🏻 … I had a pending debt with this Asian country, because almost 3 years ago I lost a flight to that destination for multiple reasons (from Bali) and always I was left with the feeling of a huge regret for not having gone in that opportunity.

An opportunity that I now had again and did not hesitate a second to take it 😉!

Our time in Singapore only lasted a couple of days, since the trip consisted in visiting 4 destinations in this opportunity: Singapore 🇸🇬, Malaysia 🇲🇾, Thailand 🇹🇭 and Bali 🇮🇩

But, first of all, some recommendations that you should take into consideration before touching Singaporean streets:


🚫 Do not drink (any type of liquid), eat or chew gum on public transport, as it is forbidden to do so and the fines are stratospherically high! So better avoid it.

🚫 Do not consume, traffic or buy drugs since you are punished with death penalty.

🚫Use the traffic lights or the pedestrian crossing to cross the streets. Doing it in unauthorised areas can literally cost you dearly since doing so risks being fined.


💯This country is one of the smallest nations in the world, but the third most stable and economically successful.


✈️The best months to travel to Singapore between February and April / July to September are considered.


💰The currency type is the Singapore Dollar (SGD).


👅English, Tamil, Chinese and Malay.


💵 ~ $ 150 SGD for two (depends on activities, accommodation and food).

Most countries do not need a visa to enter Singapore but just check the information 👉🏻www.

We arrived in Singapore on January 10 on a very rainy day, but without any cold and that made the fun possible.

As we were only for a few days, we left our backpacks in the custody of the airport (it is not expensive at all, safe and recommended) and we carry only the essentials with us.

Beware of the airport! It’s spectacular! It is gigantic and a little easy to lose your way letting yourself be enchanted by everything that surrounds you. I liked it a lot, it’s a dream of a place 😍

Changi Airport, Singapore

But hey, you had to get out of there. Going down to the subway of the airport, there is the subway 🚇 (MRT; Mass Rapid Transportation that runs from 5:30 am to midnight (12:00) every day of the year) and reaches almost every point of this city-state.

I highly recommend that you bring cash (Singapore dollars) to make the first purchases more conveniently and quickly.

👉🏻TIP: We had only high Singapore dollars, and in order to make the purchase of the subway ticket, it was impossible to do since at that time it could only be done by machines. Luckily there was a lady with the metro’s uniform changing money and we were able to buy our ticket without a major problem.

👉🏻TIP: If you plan to stay for more than a week I recommend you buy the subway card that is sold in the offices in front of the metro stop (card: EZ – link $ 12 SGD).

 Singapur Subway

The reservation of the room was made by and we stayed in a hotel capsule (Backpackers’ Inn Chinatown). At night it costs $30 SGD ~ USD$21,8 for two people (the capsule) which comes fully equipped (plugs, USB port plugs, strong and dim lights and a TV). The spaces are totally spacious and comfortable for two people. The price includes lockers and breakfast (quite abundant and also for two).

Capsule accommodation in Singapore

We visited the Botanic Gardens which is one of the most striking attractions in Singapore.

This Botanical Garden, named since 2015 as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, has more than 10,000 species in flora distributed within 82 hectares. The garden is mostly free but has sectors where you must pay to visit them (values between $5 – 6 SGD ~ USD$4,3)

The park is open every day of the year from 5 am – 12 at night.

An absolute MUST for Singapore is the Gardens by the Bay. This garden is composed of huge trees between 30 and 50 meters high. Give an illusion of trees from the movie Avatar totally. You can visit it for free, but if you want to move around the bridge suspended between the trees, you must pay a $5 SGD ~ USD$3,6 ticket (they only let you circulate on this bridge for 15 minutes).

Gardens by the Bay, Singapore

This Garden also has two domes with multiple and thousands of species of flowers, waterfalls and colours. The entrance fee for these two domes is $28 SGD ~ USD$20,3

From 8 pm approximately you can see a show of lights and music from the trees of the park. It is an unbelievably wonderful show!

Very close to this park and also at dusk, there is a show of lights and music that emerges from the “Marina Sands Bay “, which is one of the most luxurious hotels in the world.

Marina Sands Bay, Singapore

Above this is, on the top floor (#57) there is also the famous “infinity pool”. This hotel has more than 2,000 rooms for extremely expensive pockets and inside it has a luxury shopping mall with free access and food courts (it is not necessary to be a guest of the hotel to visit these), so if you want to see it, there is no problem to do that 👌🏻

To be able to have access to this dream pool, you must be a guest of the hotel, but if you are not next to it there is a viewpoint with the best views in the city and to access this you only have to pay $23 SGD ~ USD$16,7

This hotel is located in the centre of the city in front of the symbol of Singapore that is the “Merlion“, a statue that is half fish and a half lion and from its mouth emerges water without stopping towards the bay. The perfect place for the selfie 📸!

Another of the unmissable of Singapore is the Sentosa island. To reach it there are multiple options:

🚶🏼Walking ($1 SGD ~ USD$0,7)

🚝Monorriel (sentosa express)($4 SGD ~ USD$2,9)

🚠Cableway ($24 SGD ~ USD$17,4)

We used the Monorail 🚝 which is quite fast. If you have time, I recommend being in Sentosa for a full day, otherwise at least one morning or a full afternoon. There are so many things to do there that time flies … 🙄

On the island, there are many activities to be done: S.E.A. AQUARIUM, UNIVERSAL STUDIOS, CANDYLICIOUS (which is a candy store🍭), among other things, so if you want to optimize your time I recommend planning the visit to the island in advance, which includes the purchase of tickets in advance.

Candylicious, Sentosa, Singapore

A very good way to buy the tickets and save a little money is through the Klook application. Through this app is possible to get a discount on the purchase of the ticket and of course you avoid the large queue to obtain them.

We went to Sentosa Island to visit the S.E.A AQUARIUM, the second largest aquarium in the world 🐠. The ticket value is $32 SGD ~ USD$23,3 We bought it a few days before arriving in Singapore via Klook and the cost was only $16 SGD ~ USD$11,6 (pretty isn’t?). This attraction operates from 10 in the morning until 7 in the evening every day of the year.

The aquarium contains more than 100,000 animals of hundreds of different species submerged in ~ 45 million litres of water and inside this one of the largest manta rays in the world in captivity.

S.E.A. Aquarium, Sentosa, Singapore

It also has the second largest acrylic observation panel worldwide (the first is in China) composed of 36 meters long and almost 9 meters high.

S.E.A. Aquarium, Sentosa, Singapore


S.E.A. Aquarium, Sentosa, Singapore


S.E.A. Aquarium, Sentosa, Singapore

At night on the island, there is a show of lights, music and fireworks 💥

Singapore is a super safe place for any type of traveller. I recommend that you should be there for 5 days to a full week minimum, to be able to know it well. Your transport is very organized, the streets clean and you do not really run any kind of risk if you travel alone. The people are very kind and educated 👐🏼.

It is an absolute must-see destination 🇸🇬👌🏻

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